the good thing about me is that you can not talk to me for 3 weeks and then talk to me and I’ll be fine and still care about you the same way I did before

the bad thing is that I do that to people and they don’t understand that sometimes I just don’t feel like interacting with people.


While I don’t hate Kara’s new costume like a lot of other people do, I don’t love it, either. I would be overjoyed if any of these nine designs by Cory J. Walker were to replace it. Just don’t ask me to choose only one, as I prefer to subscribe to Mike Maihack's theory of a Supergirl with many different costumes.

I mean, consider it. The top right could be her training outfit, the middle could be her dating outfit, and the bottom left could be her formal events outfit. I’m particularly fond of the bottom right outfit, which I imagine she wears when she’s hanging out and doing science with Brainy. The Supergirl title is perfectly readable, but it would be better with Fashionista!Kara, is all I’m saying. 


Illustrations by Aya Kato

I want to wake up a lot of souls that the person is sleeping in the innermost recesses of the heart as much as possible by using my maximum imagination.
The world that I want to aim is the following. It is the world where a lot of people including me recalled own history. The world where root of soul and group of soul were recalled. The world where oun true hope was recalled. It is the world that combines with the earth through the mind (oneself).
.I believe that the wonderful world is born from LOVE: Mind that loves neighbors. All members who live in the earth are neighbors.
I am expecting new Japan in a new age.Therefore, I want to tie to the Japanese in the future a Japanese spirit that Samurai’s wish(New spirit that added spirit of love that embraces everything to Bushido).
I am purely making the moment of the pleasure of alive. (I am born through me) This is foundation of all works - Aya Kato.

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Zhichao Cai




do u ever start a drawing then suddenly remember that u can’t even draw



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